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Updated 10 August 2010

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Updated 6-2-15


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Piercing and Cutting Bits

Mick has now found a new source for cutters but unfortunately he has not been able to get them at such a low price as before but they are still great value.

Piercing & Cutting Bits

Mick's cutters — set of 4 for £16.00

news flaqshMick's supply has dried up Newsflash

Mick may have a few contact him directly by email to see what he has.

For one set of cutters UK packing & shipping is £1.80, Worldwide packing & shipping is £3.50. Each additional set of cutters is an extra £1 for packing & shipping (UK or worldwide)


If you would like to see how Mick uses the cutters to produce artistic woodturning you can order Mick's instructional videos on Making and Decorating Platters, Making and Decorating Boxes, Making and Decorating Goblets, and his latest Making & Decorating Hollow Forms by going to the products page.

Using the shopping cart and PayPal (which is managed by PW Consultants on Mick's behalf) above is by far the easiest and quickest way to get Mick Hanbury's products. However if, for any reason, you would prefer to pay by cheque please contact Mick by e-mail or post or phone to make suitable alternative arrangements.