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Useful Links

There are many woodturning web sites out there. The following are some sites that I have found particularly useful. All the pictures have links to the appropriate web pages.

The website of a team of dedicated woodturners form the local chapter of the Dutch association of woodturners who are in and around the polder Haarlemmermeer and have bought and use Mick's products.


Paul Wadge of Lovespoons Wales uses Mick 's cutters in finishing his unique hand carvedWelsh Lovespoons — a perfect gift for your loved one.

Segmented ballASK TOOLS LTD Woodturning, Routing and carving. Window Industry Tooling specialists

Dennis Laidler — A South African woodturner with lots of interesting things on his website.

Bill Kandler is a skilled American turner from Arroyo Grande in California who specialises in segmented turning. His work is worth a look.

Helga Becker's site