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Updated 31 January 2008

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Woodturning 166Making & Decorating Boxes — November 2006

Mick's Boxes training DVD was reviewed in the November 2006 edition (No 168) of Woodturning. The article is reproduced below. The DVD is available from Mick — see Making and Decorating Boxes.

Woodturning September 2006

Buy the DVD for only £19.99 plus shipping

Number of copies of the DVD required

For one set of DVDs UK shipping is £1.80, Worldwide shipping is £3.50. Each Additional DVDs is an extra £1 for shipping

The DVDs are region free and can be supplied encode PAL or NTSC. For the UK and Europe PAL should suffice but for North America you may wish to choose NTSC

Video encoding?

Using the shopping cart and paypal above is by far the easiest and quickest way to get Mick's products but If for any reason you would prefer to pay by cheque please contact Mick by e-mail or post or phone to make suitable alternative arrangements.