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What about all those shavings?

GobletWhen I am turning I create an awful lot of shavings, inevitable really. For instance in the case of a thin walled goblet the finished item might have less than 5% of the material that I started with as a blank -- 95% of the blank is shavings on the workshop floor!

Workshopstove I live in a smoke free zone but luckily it is in the country so I give my shavings to the local farmer for animal bedding. If you don't have the restrictions I do you could take advantage of a workshop stove.

You will have noticed that if you try to burn shavings in a normal stove or fireplace you will just put it out unless the shavings are particularly big. Why not burn them in a sawdust burning Greenheart workshop stove and keep your yourself and your workshop or house warm at the same time, save on heating bills, and reduce your C02 emissions.